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Keeping memories alive

When someone you love dies, do you ever worry that maybe you’ll forget things about them ... what they look like, their smile, the sound of their voice? Maybe that’s not something you worry about. But for me, knowing just how bad my memory is, it does cross my mind from time to time. What can I do to keep memories alive?


One of the things I have done to remember and honor the passing of some special people in my life is creating cards in their memory. Particularly those who have battled cancer, like several of my friends and family, including my dad, mom, and good friends, John and Kim.

Today, I’m remembering John on the sixth anniversary of his passing. During his cancer battle, I committed to honor him by creating a card and donating the commissions earned to cancer research. Since that time, I’ve created several more cancer cards and continue to donate 100% of the monies earned on the sale of those cards to the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation.

Do you have a friend or family member battling cancer? Why not encourage them with one of our cards today knowing that, at the same time, you will be making a donation to cancer research! To date, we have sold over 3,100 cards; help us make this the best year yet!

Hope for Cancer Cards

Click here to purchase from our "Hope for Cancer" line of cards!

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