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Luck of the Irish

Since tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd share a couple of Irish designs and maybe even a few photos from our once-in-a-lifetime 2012 trip to Ireland.

Happy St Patrick's Day friend

One of my favorite St. Patrick's Day cards has one of my favorite paintings on the front. This painting was inspired by a photo of a friend's granddaughter playing in a flower patch. The front reads, "Finding a great friend is like looking for a four leaf clover" and the inside verse reads, "Boy, did I get lucky! Happy St. Patrick's Day to a great Friend!"

An Irish Blessing

This birthday card has an old Irish Proverb, "May you live a long life, Full of gladness and health, With a pocket full of gold, As the least of your wealth, May the dreams you hold dearest, Be those which come true, May the kindness you spread, Keep returning to you." The photo on the front was taken on the above mentioned "once-in-a-lifetime" trip. I've also created matching bookmarks that can be ordered and mailed with the card.

In keeping with the Irish theme, this week's freebie is a 5x7 print similar to the above mentioned card (without the birthday reference, of course).

Irish Blessing

Click HERE to download your 5x7 print

Finally, below are just a few of my favorite photos from our 2012 Ireland trip. Click to enlarge, and ENJOY!

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