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Wrapping up the month

Well, February is over and, according to our meteorologist, it was our warmest February on record! The flowers and trees all around have been fooled into thinking it was Spring and beautiful blooms are everywhere. As a result, my spring designs continue . . .

Happy Birthday sweet friend

On Monday, I uploaded this birthday card to my Simply Put by Robin store at Greeting Card Universe. You may recognize the flowers from last week's printable. I was excited to get notification on Wednesday that the card won "Design of the Day" at GCU ... yea! In addition, there's already been a couple of sales as well ... yea again!

Also on Monday, I finally sent in my entry, just under the wire, for the Greeting Card Universe February Design Challenge, which was for "1st Mother's Day" cards. I wasn't too pleased with how it turned out, so I deleted it and re-designed it to look like this ->

which I think looks a little better.

The rest of my week was also busy creating some custom designs that I'm excited about for a couple of clients, but I'll have to wait and share more about those later ;-)

How about another freebie? This week, I thought instead of picking a freebie myself, I'd offer YOU a chance to pick your own! Visit my "Digital Prints, etc." tab and decide which print you'd like. Then, send me an e-mail at and include the name of the print you want and I'll e-mail you a .pdf file of that print!

Click HERE to pick your print

Click HERE to e-mail me your choice

I can do all things through Christ

Please feel free to share this post on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (links just below this post); and, as always, if you do purchase and use in your home, I would love to see a photo of how you used it. Just e-mail me, or tag me on social media.

Thanks for stopping by!

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