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Ready for Spring! Part Two

As mentioned last week, the warmer weather has me thinking of Spring and the things I'm designing right now are reflecting that. Even though the temps dropped 20-30 degrees last weekend, it has rebounded nicely this week, back into the 70's. Been pretty busy this week with "life," but have made a little time to sit at the computer and be creative. If I were working ahead (as most designers do), I should be creating at least 6 months out ... you've all heard the term "Christmas in July" right? But I find it hard to do that. I'm usually inspired by what's going on RIGHT NOW! So, spring it is for me. Guess I'm working 12 months ahead ;-)

Thought I'd share a couple of things I've worked on.

My Soul Finds Rest in God Alone

Found this cute little watercolor bird graphic from Design Cuts a while back and finally used it to create an Easter card series for kids. It is available for daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, niece and nephew.

Also added a new scripture printable with more spring flowers. Kind of like how this series is turning out so far. I ended up adding some of my scripture designs to note cards and gave them to a friend recently. They turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself! My plan is to add note cards to the website in the near future.

Be Still and Know that I am God

This print is 8x10 in size, but I can customize for most any size. If you like this design, but would prefer another bible verse, feel free to contact me and I can create another one with your favorite verse.

Please feel free to share this post on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (links just below this post); and, as always, if you do purchase and use in your home, I would love to see a photo of how you used it. Just e-mail me, or tag me on social media.

Thanks for stopping by!

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