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About me

Back in the early 2000’s, after years of telling myself I had no artistic ability whatsoever, I finally followed my heart and pursued my childhood dream of becoming an artist. I started taking art classes and, although I still felt like an artist “wanna be” rather than a true artist, my friends encouraged me to “do something” with my new artwork. So, I started creating handmade greeting cards to sell; thankfully those same supportive friends were my first loyal customers. Although I probably spent more money on creating the cards than I was making in sales, it was still a thrill whenever someone wanted to buy one of my cards. I soon discovered an online greeting card company where you could upload a digital version of your card and they would take care of the rest ... printing, mailing, billing, etc. So, with the help of my good friend Kim, our first online card store, Rycky Creations, was born in June 2008. I was in charge of the card front and Kim wrote the inside verses. Over the years, several other online stores have been opened and, in 2016, all the stores were consolidated as “d/b/a” stores under the name “Simply Robin Creations.” See "Our Story" page for more info.

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