Check out Rycky Creations' collection of "Hope" cards to send to family or friends who are in need of encouragement. 100% of commissions earned on the sale of these cards go directly to cancer research. The first "Hope" card (gray magnolia) was designed by Robin in 2008 in honor (and now in memory) of her good friend, John, who battled a brain tumor, and also in memory of her father. By July 2020, we had sold over 4,300 Hope cards with 100% of the commissions going to the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation. The most recent card created in this series (tan scripture card on fourth line) was designed in memory of Rycky Creations’ co-owner and Robin’s good friend, Kim.

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Cards for cancer patients

Cards for cancer patients in remission

Inside verse:  So excited to hear your good news, and very grateful to God for this wonderful miracle. Your battle was long and hard fought, but throughout every challenge that came your way, your exhibited courage, a positive attitude, and tremendous grace under pressure. You are truly an inspiration! Congratulations on being CANCER FREE!

Inside verse:  Congratulations on your one year anniversary of being CANCER FREE!

Inside verse:  Congratulations on your five year anniversary of being CANCER FREE!

Cards for caregivers of cancer patients

Inside verse:

Just want you to know that I admire you more and more each day. The way you've dealt with your loved one's cancer treatment is remarkable. Throughout all the challenges that have come your way, you have shown not only courage, strength, and hope, but also tremendous grace under pressure. You are truly an inspiration to all who know you.

Please remember, during this challenging time, you are not alone. You have many family and friends who are praying for you and your loved one, myself included.

Inside verse:

What a helpless feeling it must be for you to watch your loved one battling cancer. With tears in my eyes and hope in my heart, I pray for you both. However else I can help, whatever I can do, I want to be there for you ... you are not alone.